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Rosenfield Health LLC has established itself as the industry leader in delivering highly functional, proven and reliable medical education solutions. With the introduction of its iCode solution that is considered to be the best chosen tool to build an educational imaging library from daily work interesting studies.

iCode is a complete web-based e-learning tool that has:

  • Dynamic study classification tool.
  • Comprehensive study record data.
  • Robust search engine for fast and effective results.
  • Extensive integration capabilities with other digital systems (PACS, RIS, HIS and Imaging machines)
  • Presentation and evaluation features.

Latest News

Jan 15 / 2013    |

  • iCode version 3.0 is now released

Oct 13 / 2012    |

  • iCode version 2.8 is released with redigned architecture and more enhanced features.

May 29 / 2012    |

  • iCode version 2.7.2 is released with HL7 enhanced service.

Jan 09 / 2011    |   

    • Fujifilm PACS (Synapse) is added to PACS integrated vendors.